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Many people believe they are excellent drivers yet overlook occasional speeding or less than courteous behavior on the road. The way you react to other drivers can have a huge impact on how you perform behind the wheel. There are many reasons to attend New Jersey online traffic school which include:

  • Understanding how your attitude affects your driving.
  • Understanding the concept of the preventability of a collision & defensive driving techniques.
  • Recognizing and evaluating your current driving patterns and, where needed, learn ways to change them.
  • Satisfying a court order.

A New Jersey online driving course through NTSI can help prevent points from being added to your driving record. Courts sometimes require drivers who have committed a driving offense to attend traffic school in order to learn techniques to become safer drivers.

NTSI has a long history of providing New Jersey defensive driving courses to help individuals understand the consequences of their behavior on the road. Online traffic school makes it easy to take traffic school courses so you can get the credit you need on your own schedule.


  • A reduction of up to two (2) points on your driving record (for five (5) years should be removed).
  • A minimum of 5% reduction in auto liability, no-fault and collision insurance premiums each year for five (5) years, if you are the principle operator of a vehicle.
  • Student evaluations and studies indicate students enjoy the course and learn something important about safe driving.

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